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  • Advancing a New Civilization

    We believe a new civilization that distills the current dichotomy between East and West should emerge in order to address the global sustainability crisis. Our mission is to advance the advent of a new civilization and to provide a blueprint to a new world order. Our mission is based on the view that the post-industrial civilization must embrace and unleash the transformative potential of digital technology, promote the well-being of humanity, and mark an end to sustainability crises.

  • Northeast Asia Study

    For the last 30 years, Northeast Asia has been at the core of the transformation of world history. We focus on increasing the understanding of the region and facilitating physical and cultural exchanges.

  • United Korean Peninsula

    Reunification of the Korean Peninsula is the cornerstone for peace in Northeast Asia and the world. We seek ways to maximize the potential that unification can bring, and study a new governance and market system.

  • Sustainable City

    The era of cities emerges as urbanization continues to expand all around the world, especially in China. We have the goal of experimenting new ways of urban life, and innovative ways to manage cities.

  • Yeosijae – the Future Consensus Institute

    We are a solution-oriented think tank; our mission is to advance the advent of a new civilization. We believe that a new civilization that leaps beyond the current dichotomy between East and West should emerge in the near future. We pursue this mission through three main research areas: Northeast Asia, United Korean Peninsula, and Sustainable City. With close engagement with policy makers, the business community, scholars, and civil society, Yeosijae strives to become a center for knowledge, provider of better policies, and school for future leaders. Vision diagram

  • Ico topic1
    World in Transition
    Josepth Stiglitz, Nobel laureate in economics, pointed out that technological innovation in the United States and urbanization in China would be two key events affecting mankind’s development in the 21st century. Based on an understanding of technological change and urbanization at global scale, our Institute explores ways to alleviate international conflicts and to increase cooperation for co-prosperity among East Asian countries.
  • Ico topic2
    Digital Society
    Digital technologies have changed ways of living of the people in the world. We will look into unleashing the transformative potential of digital technology, equally paying attention to the negative consequences of those technological innovations.
  • Ico topic3
    Sustainable Development
    Sustainability should be an innate characteristic of future civilizations. This view is in opposition to how productivity has been the most highly cherished characteristic in our industrial civilization. We will engage and lead global discussions on how our principles should change, and how that change be institutionalized in political and social structures, ultimately to be materialized in the natural and physical environment.
  • Ico topic4
    New Civilization
    Human civilizations have evolved through exchanges of people and technologies belonging to different cultures. We believe that a new civilization that leaps beyond the current dichotomy between East and West should emerge in the near future. Our Institute has the goal of experimenting new ways of urban life in East Asian countries in order to envision how these next generation civilizations may look like.


  • Hun-Jai Lee

    Chairman of Future consensus Institute
    (former) Deputy Prime Minister of South Korea

  • Seok-Hyun Hong

    Chairman of Korea Peace Foundation
    Chairman of JoongAng Holdings
    (former) Chairman of JTBC and JoongAng Ilbo
    (former) Ambassador of United States

  • Doh-Yeon Kim

    (former) President of POSTECH
    (former) Minister of Education, Science and Technology

  • Dae-Hee Ahn

    Senior Advisor of Pyeong An Law Firm
    (former) Justice, Supreme Curt of Korea

  • Byeong-Yeop Park

    Vice Chairman of Pantech C&I
    (former) Vice Chairman of Pantech Group

  • Oh-sub Kwon

    Chairman of L&P Cosmetic and Makeheal

  • Woo-Seung Kim

    President of Hanyang University

  • Jae-Ho Yeom

    Chairman of the board of directors of SK
    (former)President of Korea University

  • Jeong-ro Yoon

    Honorary professor of UNIST

  • Yu-Hyun Park

    Founder of DQ Institute

  • Kwang-Jae Lee

    (former) President of Yeosijae
    (former) Governer of Gangwon Province


  • Kong-Hyun Lee

  • Kyung-Tae Lee

    Professor of Yonsei University
    (former) Vice President of Yonsei University International Campus

Plan & DO & Evaluation = Solutions Tank

Future Consensus Institute is a group of solution designers pursuing practical solutions for future issues. Our solution designers cooperate interdisciplinarily with global intellectuals, researchers, and think tanks to reach consilience in our solutions.

  • Jong-In Lee

    Vice President

  • Dae-Sik Lee

    Solution Designer

  • Se-Hee Hwang

    Solution Designer

Urban Solution Department

  • Team 1
  • Jeongil Seo

    Solution Designer

  • Yun Ho Noh

    Solution Designer

  • Seong-eun Lee

    Solution Designer

  • Team 2
  • Woojeong Lee

    Solution Designer

  • Team 3
  • Yoon-Jin Kim

    Solution Designer

  • Janghwan Chung

    Solution Designer

Future Planning Department

Global Affairs Team
  • Anna Titenok

    Solution Designer

  • Ruijing Wen

    Solution Designer

  • Jiyoung Yim

    Solution Designer

Future Society & Korean Strategy Team
  • Bo-Hee Song

    Solution Designer

Communication Team

  • Anna W. Choi

    Solution Designer

  • Yun Seo Lee

    Solution Designer

  • Min Park

    Solution Designer

  • Suk-Jin Bin

    Solution Designer

Digital Platform Team

  • Myung-Ho Lee

    Solution Designer

  • Derrick Kang

    Solution Designer

Administration Team

  • Me-OK YU

    Solution Designer

  • Kwang Soo Kim

    Solution Designer

Future Consensus Institute

Address: 224, Baekseokdong-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Korea (Postal Code: 03020)

Tel: +82-70-4458-5288

Fax: +82-2-762-5300


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